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Black and White fixes everything

So often I find myself taking ordinary images and converting them to black and white, only to find that they are still ordinary images, in black and white. There are exceptions of course Flag by David Vasek but generally speaking … Continue reading

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Water Dropping shots coming soon

I’m getting ready to build a shutter trigger tied to a water valve, should be a fun way to get some interesting shots of water droplets. I took this shot last year with my flash set to strobe and a … Continue reading

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Quick, Warm Thought

Sick and tired of the month we call “winter” in South Texas. No reason to complain compared to so many parts of the country, but I’m going to nonetheless! While we wait for things to warm up and get back … Continue reading

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Still Loving the 5d

Wanted to add a quick update that the more I use my 5d Mk III the more I like it. The low light sensitivity is great, and though it definitely doesn’t have the frame rate of the 7d, it is … Continue reading

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RAW Discussion (I know, seriously?)

I can remember early on when this debate was raging, it was almost as hot as the megapixel discussions that took place. But by and large as memory capacity increased, and buffers and transfer rates, the issue seemed to kind … Continue reading

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Finding interesting subjects in front of your face

If you don’t own a macro lens, I highly suggest getting one and using it CONSTANTLY. The 100mm 2.8L macro from Canon has proven to be one of the best lenses I have ever owned. I don’t have any experience … Continue reading

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Staircase photos

Really interesting pictures of staircases. Once again, the leading lines are what does it for me.

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Duck in black and white

  I always struggle with cropping for maximum effect. This image is an example of that. I think this is interesting and powerful, black and white images often look that way, but I wonder if it is as interesting as … Continue reading

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Amazon has 5d MkIII for $2975

Wow, to think I paid $3500 for my MkIII just a few short months ago. I guess the competition got to them. It is really easy to get frustrated over price drops like this, but in the grand scheme of … Continue reading

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Colorado in the summer

We took a family trip to Colorado last summer and really enjoyed it. Traveling, especially driving with small kids is kind of tough, you just need a good pair of headphones though! Alek (my son) and I did some hiking … Continue reading

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