Maryland Adventure


You might not know that I work as a technology consultant with focus on the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and also the Department of Defense Military Health System. In this capacity I support customers with a specific mission- to take care of our service men and women both during and after military service. Not only do these organizations have a mission that is easy to get behind, it also allows me to travel to wherever my services are needed. This lets me get to some interesting (sometimes not so interesting) and beautiful places.

One such trip was to Maryland for a meeting in Bethesda. Since I knew I was going to have some extra time I brought the 5d with me and once my meeting was over I headed north. A colleague of mine recommended the Catoctin Mnt area to me; an excellent recommendation! I spent several hours hiking and shooting in the woods.

Road shots like this have always appealed to me for some reason. I love leading lines, and like in this image the slightly lower perspective makes me think of being behind the wheel of a fast car, taking the corners at top speed.

If you peruse my gallery you will find numerous shots along these lines, but this is probably my best, and favorite.

David Vasek Photography


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One Response to Maryland Adventure

  1. As an automotive enthusiast I definitely enjoy a good road shot especially with the fall colors of the north east. Nicely done.

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